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Experience, Dedication, Success

As the Education Advisor, for both the TFC Academy and Football North, the SATtraining program has been an incredible resource for my student-athletes pursuing the NCAA pathway. Numerous young men have successfully written the SAT and obtained Division One athletic scholarships in their respective sports.

Both Joe (Math) and Paul (English) have been educators at the high school level for numerous years, so bring this wealth of expertise to the teaching of the SAT material. Joe attended Penn State on a soccer scholarship, while Paul's son is presently in the US as a golf student-athlete. This sports background is very valuable, as they are able to relate to the athletes and provide their insights into the NCAA eligibility process and preparation for the SAT.

I highly recommend SATtraining to any individual who wants to achieve their best results on the SAT!!

Sue McMillan
Education Advisor
TFC and Football North


My son had to take the SAT last spring and there is absolutely no way he would have passed it without the tutors, Paul and Joe of “SAT Training”.  Both teachers were able to help my son prepare for an unusual and difficult test. They both work well with this age group, the price is right and the results are positive.  

Sherry M.
Parent of Nick (Football North & University of Hawaii)
Oakville, Ontario


Hi Mr. Corapi

I would like to give you an update on Delana. She is doing great at Fresno State.As a student athlete it takes a lot of hard work and commitment to do well in school and your sport.

We would like to thank you for your hand in getting Delana where she is today.As you remember Delana did very poorly in your mock SAT.We where so concerned that as good as an athlete she is her marks would not get her through.With the time spent in your program we could not believe her SAT test score.It went up 220 points. In Delana’s words it would of not been possible if she did not attend your course. She felt your personal student-athlete experience was a immense help and thought the classroom environment was enjoyable. She left there with confidence she could do well. As you know she did.

Thanks So Much!

Rocky B.
Father of Delana B. - Fresno State Women’s golf

Mississauga, Ontario


“We really appreciate the work that Joe and Paul did tutoring our son for the ACT and SAT exams.   Their approach helped prepare him and he was very happy with the results, so much so that a re-write will not be necessary, saving precious time in an already busy senior year. We have recommended Paul and Joe to others who are looking to prepare for these exams.   Thanks again! Mark and Lisa”

Mark S.
Father of Football North athlete (Eligible 2019)